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The Port of Anchorage was developing plans to expand the port over a 7-year period, from 2005 to 2012. Visualization was required for presentations to show the public and government entities planned port improvements. A single Visual Nature Studio project used more than 30 Scenarios to control hundreds of Components. Each Scenario represented a different stage in port development over the 7-year period. Scenarios saved time, simplified the project, and reduced production cost for the client.

2005-A. Present day, view looking NW. Elmendorf AFB is the wooded area to the right (east) of the port.

2005-B. Red shows planned north dock extension, orange is planned floating dock at south end

2005-C. South floating dock in place. North dock extension has geotube barrier ready for pumping and dredging

2005-D. Detail showing north dock extension construction steps. Geotubes in place.

2005-E. Backfill behind geotubes

2005-F. Dock extension completed

2005-G. Detail showing new floating dock

2005-H. Defense Fuels Area before earthwork

2005-I. Defense Fuels Area after earthwork

2006-A. Defense Fuels Area completed, colored areas showing new dock extensions

2006-B. North dock extension construction: Dredging

2006-C. North dock extension construction: Cells in place. Cells are interlocking metal pilings driven into riverbed and backfilled.

2006-D. North dock extension construction: Backfill in progress (orange).

2006-E. Finished dock

2006-F. North and south dock extensions completed

2007-A. Docks ready to demolish

2007-B. Demolish north section of dock

2007-C. North dock section demolished. Cranes moved from old dock to barge...

2007-D. ... and unloaded on north extension

2007-E. Demolish center dock section

2007-F. Another view of south dock section and tank farm

2007-G. New buildings added to foreground

2007-H. North dock extension in use, south planned extension in color

2007-I. Planned central dock area

2007-J. Planned south-central dock area

2008-A. Docks completed. Bldgs in foreground on south dock are fueling structures

2008-B. New docks in use

2008-C. New floating dock location, no containers

2008-D. New floating dock location, containers

2008-E. Third rail track added (nearest one)

2008-F. Barge unloading new larger cranes on north dock

2009. Planned dock extension in color

2010. Dock extension completed

2011-A. Planned dock extension in color

2011-B. Planned dock extension in color

2012-A. Project completed

2012-B. Aerial view west to completed project

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